Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Footloose vs. Firestarter

I was watching The X Factor with my brother and his family, and one of the groups sang a medley of songs including Footloose.  Like any 80's child, this song brings back fond memories.  In fact, it instantly brought to mind one thing: Horror Movies.  What do Footloose and Horror flicks have in common?  Hang with me, and you'll find out.

I absolutely love horror flicks.  One of my favorite things about Netflix, is the abundance of really cheesy horror flicks.  I like to be scared and stressed out.  I love to yell at the screen urging the stupid characters to not split up, to turn on a light, to not investigate the noise.... I just love it all.  Well, not all of it.  When I was younger, I could handle the gory movies.  Now.... not so much.  I've become old and easily disgusted.  But other than that, give me a good, scare the pants off ya movie any day of the week.

I know that I get this love of movies from my mother.  She is the horror queen.  She gobbled up Stephen King books and movies.  They were a staple in our home... and as far as I'm concerned, a total parenting WIN!

I recall one particular movie that we saw at the Drive-in:  Stephen King's Firestarter starring the oh so young Drew Barrymore.  I remember mom and dad piling me and my brother into the back of the truck (it was okay to do that in the 80's).  We went to the drive in, got some popcorn, and sat in the back of the truck to watch the flick.  It was a great time and one of my fondest childhood memories.  Every time I hear the song Footloose, it reminds me of this adventure.

You see, this particular drive-in had two screens.  Go ahead and guess what was playing on the other screen... you got it, Footloose.  I know that it is strange that I remember this so clearly.  However, the reason I do is because we were not allowed to see Footloose.  All the music plus the dancing... it was a big no no.  I remember my brother and I sneaking off to take a peek at the screen.  We just had to see what was so evil about it... lol. 

The irony does not escape me that it was perfectly okay for my nine year old eyes to see Firestarter but not Footloose.  But my parents were protecting me from the evils of the world.  I mean, let's face it... I was never going to encounter a girl that set things on fire with her mind.  But... a boy wanting to dance was a real danger. 

So thanks mum and dad for keeping me safe from those crazy boys and instilling in me a love for a good old fashion horror flick.

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