Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Cast: Supporting Roles Edition

There are two schools of thought when it comes to friends.  Friends are either the family you get to choose or are an apology from God for our families.  Since it's pretty obvious I need no apologies for my family, I like to think of friends as the family I choose.  And I think I've done a pretty good job of it so far.

I've always been pretty choosey with my friends.  I would much rather have quality over quantity when it comes to friends.  Luckily, I've been able to find both over my life's journey.  But I would just like to take a few minutes to introduce you to some of the major players in my life right now.

Libby, Kimberly, and Jimmy
I've known Kimberly and Jimmy for about ten years.  It has been a privilege watching them grown into the people they are today.  Kimberly was just a peanut when I first met her.  When I was directing the choir, I used to have everyone hold three ring binders.  Poor Kimberly, I swear that binder was bigger than she was.  But she held it like a trooper.  Fast forward ten years, and you now find Kimberly a senior in high school trying to save the world one puppy at a time. 

When I met Jimmy, he was 13 and a short fella. In choir, he stood next to my husband singing the tenor part.  Well, there was a good foot in height difference, so I made Jimmy stand on a box.  Yes, I subjected a 13 year old boy to public ridicule, but hey, at least the choir looked good.  It was Jimmy's love for music that really solidified our friendship.  And now, I am happy to say I count him as one of my dearest friends.  We always have a good time together... but you'll get more of that later.

I've only known Libby for a few years now, and yet she treats me as though we've known one another forever.  My favorite thing is when she tells Kimberly that I'm her favorite.  We've had some fun on our journeys to and from doctors appointments.  My favorite has to be the day I lectured her about being a positive influence.  We picked Kimberly up from school and went to the Happy Dragon for some yummy Chinese food.  While we were eating, she turned to Kimberly and said, "Stephanie lectured me today".  Without hearing any more, Kim knew exactly what my lecture was about.  Got to love that... at least I'm consistent!

And now for my oldest childhood friend, Janel.

Janel and Steph
I have no idea when that pic was taken... and this is the first time I've realized my eyes were closed! But I love it, so it stays!  The picture I wanted to use was the one where Janel put straws up her nose.  I couldn't find that one, so I used this one... but when I find it Nelly, it's soooo going on my blog :).  Janel is my Soul Sister.  Our hearts and souls speak to one another and are connected in a way that could only be done by God.  I've known her since I was 9.  Her dad was the pastor at the church we went to when we moved to Maine.  We weren't really good friends until we were both much older, but since then, nothing can come between us.  Even though we live miles apart and hardly see each other, when we do get to, it's like no time has passed.  I will forever cherish this friendship.

Naturally, these are not the only people that I would put as my supporting cast.  There have been so many over the years.  But this just gives you a little insight as to the people you might hear about as I write. 

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  1. As your fellow creative medical history goober friend, I think I want a supporting-role post... ;)

    I'm just awesome that way.

    And clearly, my pumpkin pie shake from Sonic has gone totally to my head.


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