Thursday, October 13, 2011

Character Development: Me

I can be kind of a quirky person.  Those that love me, accept my idiosyncrasies.  Those that don't...well, let's face it, they're in the minority so it doesn't really matter.  Wonder what I mean?  Well let me share a few things with you.

I don't like meat in my spaghetti sauce.  But meatballs are okay.  I do however, like meat in the sauce of lasagna.  Now, what exactly is the difference?  I have no idea.  Pasta with meat.  Oh, and I don't care for tomatoes, so I like light sauce on my spaghetti... light sauce on pizza... lasagna- sauce is not an issue.  And don't get me started on mushrooms.  Don't mind the taste, the texture, not so much.  And while we're on the topic of textures... please stop putting things in Jello.  No fruit, or marshmallows, or any other non-smooth item.  Jello is not supposed to have chunks.  Of course this only applies when I can actually bring myself to eat Jello... do you know what that stuff is made from???  It's not pretty.

I also need the car windshield as clean as possible.  You can imagine what a feat this is in Maine, in the winter.... all that salt and dirt from the roads.  And don't forget about the bugs in the summer.  You wouldn't believe the amount of windshield washer fluid I go through each winter.  It drives me so nuts that even when I'm a passenger in a vehicle, I can only ride so long before I have to ask whoever is driving to clean the windshield.  Ask Jimmy, he knows it all too well.

Another thing....I mess up my words.  And not just the occasional slip up.  I'm talking, full on it's almost my own language, mess up.  I call them oral typos.  People that know me, and know me well, understand this completely.  One of my good friends from college posted as her facebook status one day... "I just want to thank Stephanie Mcilwain for needing me to translate for her during college... that ability has come in very handy with a 3 year old."  And I could not deny it at all.

One of my more infamous slip ups occurred while we were moving my sister into an apartment.  We were talking about where to put the computer station.  So everyone was debating back and forth, and I pointed to a corner and they moved the desk there.  After looking at it, I turned to them all and said.... "Pifba".  What I meant to say was "It fits there perfectly."  Now, I don't know about you, but how Pifba came out of my mouth instead of that sentence is a mystery to this day.  They all just looked at me.  Then Jimmy turned to Crystal and said... did she just say Pifba?  And then the hysterical laughter began. We now use the word to fill in the blanks for a lot of things.

So, that's just a little but about me... hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek into my mind.


  1. Okay, your Pifba beats out my ability to randomly spoonerize without thinking about it. (Why, yes, I *do* have a list of phrases that I have to think about carefully before I say them, or they WILL come out spoonerized.) Love it!

  2. Just imagine if you stuttered ... piffffffffffba.

  3. hee hee!!

    You could start using the words they put in the little box in order to verify you actually want to post something! :) ie. comisto!


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