Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And thus it begins...

Throughout my 30 some odd years of life, I've often thought about starting a blog.  Well, maybe not all those years.  I did spend a few of them in diapers... then I had to learn to walk and talk and such.  And then there's the whole - the internet didn't even exist - for a large portion of my life.  But I think you hear what I'm saying.  I never really had the time or energy to really devote to one.

But then one day my sister mentioned starting a blog.  And I thought to myself... self, you should start one.  It took me a while to actually put that plan into motion, mostly because I wanted a really good name for my blog.  My sister and I talked about a few options.  My suggestion?...  "I'm That Awesome" .... because I am.

I sent my suggestion to my friend Hal.  He works for a newspaper and I thought, he'll tell me if that is catchy enough.  It didn't take long before I received a reply from him.... "How about The Humble Supremo"?  I immediately loved it.  As with most things, I ran it by my sister, who also liked it.  So here I am now, writing my first post on The Humble Supremo.

I don't have any real plans for this blog.  It will most likely be a place for me to put the rants and raves that go on in my head.  Sometimes it will be stories from my past.... and ofttimes stories from my present.  I may talk about a movie, the weather, a TV show... who knows what I'll come up with each day.  
My hope is that you will find my journey amusing enough to hang on for this ride.  

Oh, and one more thing... I use "..." quite a bit.  It's my thing... embrace it, love the dot dot dot... for it is my friend :).

Until next time....


  1. Welcome to the world of online Nice Layout btw

  2. Hi Steph.....agree, you are awesome!!!! Will look forward to your ongoing blogs no matter what you write about know it'll be interesting.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Steph! and are awesome! :)(but I knew that just from our "games" on FB!! )


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